We offer a variety of delivery and pickup options, so that you can choose the shipping method that best meets your needs. Take advantage of our free shipping options, or choose a faster delivery option to ensure that your order arrives on time.

Turnaround time can sometimes become confusing. Here are some helpful tips that would help you understand Turnaround Time better:

  • Turnaround Time is the time that takes us to print your item and make it ready for pickup or shipping.
  • You have the option to select from multiple Turnaround Time options when placing your order.
  • If you fully pay for your order and upload your files before 3 PM PST, the Turnaround Time starts the next business day. For orders completed after 3 PM PST, Turnaround Time starts on the second business day.
  • If you request a proof, or if you are asked to review your proof because of a problem, you need to approve the proof before 3 PM PST to get your Turnaround started the next business day. For proofs approved after 3 PM PST, turnaround starts on the second business day. If you have a pending payment, your entire order will be placed on hold. Once you fully pay for your order, your Turnaround starts based on the above guideline.
  • Weekends and national holidays are excluded from Turnaround Time.

Turnaround FAQ’s

“Today is Friday and my job is on a Rush 2 Business Days Turnaround. Will it be done before the Monday?

No, selecting a 2-day turnaround (after 3 PM PST) means that your job does not start until the next business day and ships out on the second business day. EXAMPLE: On a 2-day turnaround, if your job is ordered on Friday, (after 3 pm PST) it will ship on Tuesday. If your job is ordered and sent to production on Friday (before 3 PM PST) your job would ship from our print shop on Monday.

I’m still unsure which turnaround I need based on when I’d like to have my job in hand.

No problem. If you’re still not sure when your job will ship or begin printing, please call us at 702-475-4248, Monday-Friday (9am-6pm PST).