How to design an Eye-Catching Pop-Up Banner?

Pop-Up Banner Displays

Pop-up banner, pop-up trade show displays, or retractable banner is the workhorse of any event booth display, trade show, and exhibit. These are important for all business events for multiple reasons. The most common of these reasons include:

  • Pop-up banner is easy to transport.
  • These can help businesses to take benefit from their vertical space 
  • Display business message to more potential customers at eye level. 
  • Pop-up trade show displays are highly cost-effective. 
  • Their durability is unmatchable. 
  • These banners are also a great choice for businesses that want to draw the attention of their potential customers to a special offer or promotion. 

Even though pop-up banner comes up with numerous advantages for businesses, considering their design is key to completely utilize these banners for marketing. 

Pro tips for designing an attractive and eye-catching pop-up banner 

To make the most out of your pop-up banner, you must design it carefully. If you throw together pop-up trade show displays without any thought or design strategy, this will negatively impact the effectiveness of your pop-up banner. 

Therefore, it is always important to learn how to create an eye-catching pop-up banner that can benefit your business more. Fortunately, here we have brought some amazing and pro tips to design a pop-up banner that will get your business noticed in any event. 

So, here we go:

Keep your core business message at the top 

Suppose your potential customer walks away and remembers one thing only from your pop-up banner. What should this one important thing be? Think about the message or information that you want your lead to remember. Put that core message of your business in the third row of your pop-up banner to make that easier to remember for everyone. 

Whether it’s your website link, a special offer, or a promotion, you should place it at the top of your pop-up banner next to your logo. This text will be the first thing your potential customers see on your banner. 

Avoid putting a lot of information on the banner

Even though you will have the temptation to put as much information on your pop-up banner as possible, however, when designing an eye-catching banner, less is always key. 

You only have 3 seconds of an attention span to impact anyone passing by your pop-up banner. Adding too much information will make it harder to read for viewers. 

Therefore, it is always better to provide essential information only. This will not only make things easier to understand for viewers. Also, it will attract more people to your table or booth to learn more about your business, product, or service. 

Ensure to keep your business logo at the top 

Your pop-up banner has to be recognizably you. Your key branding elements, such as the brand logo, will play a major part. You can build your brand recognition by simply placing your logo at the top of your pop-up banner. Ideally, it has to be big enough to be recognized from a distance a glance. However, ensure not to take a lot of visual space for the logo. So that it couldn’t overshadow the actual message or images on the pop-up banner. 

Follow your brand guidelines for effective design

We understand that your logo is one important thing, but your brand is more than that. It is easier to go over the top in a bid for attention. However, it’s always important to design your pop-up banner within the prior parameters of your brand guidelines. This will help you to make your pop-up banner easily recognizable. 

Consequently, when potential customers see any other promotion from you, they will surely remember your business. 

Always use high-quality images for your pull-up banner 

Images you want to display on your pop-up banner have to be of the highest possible quality. This is more important if you plan to feature a product image on your pop-up banner. Make sure to add an image with more than 300dpi saved as CMYK. 

Avoid downloading images from a website directly to use on your pop-up banner. It is because these downloaded images aren’t of high quality always. Additionally, these aren’t available in the right format. Instead, it is always better to get help sourcing the right images for your pop-up banner. This tip is important to make a pop-up banner more attractive. 

Prioritize quality in everything 

Just like printing business cards and flyers, ensure to use the highest quality material for your pop-up banner printing. This thing will make a lot of difference in its look and feel. Most importantly, prioritizing quality will make your brand more professional and premium. 

Go wide to stand out. 

What is the one big thing you want to make your pop-up banner stand out among others? Make that wider. Even though it will take more room on your pop-up banner, it will surely get more attention from your potential customers and partners. This option will also give you more opportunities to play with the design of your pop-up banner. You can add more critical information or images with a little breathing space. 

Design your pop-up banner for eye level 

Always remember people start reading your banner from top to bottom and left to right. So, design your pop-up banner accordingly. Additionally, keep that at their eye level on anything you want your potential customers to focus on. 

Utilize the banner’s top area for your business logo and any promotional slogan or business message. However, it would be better to go with decent font size for the main focal point. So that anyone can read the core information of your pop-up banner from a distance too with ease. This will consequently make it easier for your potential customers to read everything at a glance. 

Final Thoughts 

So, these are some of the key things that you must keep in mind while designing a pop-up banner. While designing your pop-up trade show displays, keeping these guidelines in mind will surely make them stand out. Ultimately, you can attract more people to your business without any hassle.

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