How to set up a Step and Repeat Banner Stand

Step and repeat banner stands are the most popular product for us. Stand holds the custom printed banner that can be printed in a variety of sizes. They are usually used as a backdrop for outstanding events. Such as; enterprise events, photo shoots, grand opening, weddings, charity organizations, social events.

All of the parts will arrive in a canvas bag with handles. The stand and banner weigh about 6 pound.

Assembly Instructions

Please follow our instructions to set up quickly. 

Hardware included:

2 bases

2 Side Poles

2 Support Poles(top & bottom, telescopic)

Pole attachment screws(stored in the end of the poles)

Middle support pole *included with XL banners only

Custom printed banner

Carrying case

Step 1: Assemble the bases to side poles. Slide the side pole into the base and screw up through the bottom. Tighten with screwdriver the base to the pole. (screwdriver not included)

Step 2: Repeat with the other side pole.

Step 3: Screw the support poles together, hand tighten only. Loosen both pole extensions, extend completely and retighten.

Step 4: Spread the banner out on the floor. Adjust banner to side poles and support poles according to size of banner

Step 4: Slide a support pole through the pole pocket at the bottom of the banner.

Step 5: Slide the second support pole into the top pole pocket and attach ends to the top of the side poles with the supplied screws.

Step 5: Extend both side poles until the banners bottom is slightly off the floor.

Step 6: Attach the bottom pole ends to the side poles with the supplied screws. (stored in the end of the poles).

Step 7: Extend both side poles simultaneously to erect the banner.

Step 8: The last step is connect the middle support pole and insert into the slits at the top and bottom of the banner and extend until tight.

That is it! Step and repeat banner stand is ready for your event!

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